Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A bit more progress, more raised beds

I had a good chat last night with a fellow plot holder named Gary who kindly gave me a spare marrow and chilli that he didnt need. Gary was also kind enough to give me a spare chilli plant and an offer of a few more to come very soon that he doesnt need, being a previous chilli grower I was delighted by this so hopefully I will be able to grow some this year after all.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Starting to look a little bit like an allotment

After many hours of slogging away in a very warm garage on friday evening, and then again on an extremely warm driveway on saturday, I finally managed to build a temporary storage box out of the old pallet wood to allow me to leave a few tools down at the allotment.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Raised beds and first signs of green

Three posts in one day, phew this blog stuff is tiring :-)

To keep the costs as low as possible Ive been scrounging up old pallets from the garden centre over the road to break up and then turn in to raised beds for the allotment. Well, thats the plan at least, but its been a hell of a lot more time consuming to get the pallets in a usable state than I expected (and very tiring as well).

Weed control fabric, tarpaulin and various pegs to hold those down did not come for free unfortunately so had to fork out quite a bit of cash on those. My neighbour did chuck in a large, unused sheet of black plastic though so thats helped to cover up some of the ground until I can start dealing with it.

Some progress clearing the weeds

Many hours of digging and graft later the plot started to look like this

Welcome to the blog (and plot)

So, this is my new blog and this was my new allotment/plot a few weeks ago just after I first took it over