Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A bit more progress, more raised beds

I had a good chat last night with a fellow plot holder named Gary who kindly gave me a spare marrow and chilli that he didnt need. Gary was also kind enough to give me a spare chilli plant and an offer of a few more to come very soon that he doesnt need, being a previous chilli grower I was delighted by this so hopefully I will be able to grow some this year after all.

After chatting to Gary for a while I set about installing the other two raised beds that I had built recently, it turned out to be a tougher job then I had planned as there was a hell of a lot of soil to shift around. Unfortunately one of the raised beds actually split at the corner when i was hammering it in to to the ground so I bodged a temporary repair on it and I think my next trip down to the plot will require my drill and some screws as two or three of them are now in need of some minor repair work to hold them together.

If I can manage to spare enough time tonight then its another trip to The Range to see if I can get a suitable size of cold frame for one of the newly installed beds so that I can then plant up some of these new chilli plants. After that I need to start work again on building some beds and then carrying them down so that they can be installed over the next few days (hopefully). Lots and lots still to do, it is progressing though.

...Oh, and some seeds I ordered last week have arrived so hopefully Kirsty will be able to pick those up for me today from the Post Office. I cant remember exactly what I ordered but most of it is from
the James Wong seed collection. Im not really a huge fan of his TV program but I do like quite a few of the unusual seeds, I think Im probably too late this year to make much use of any of them though but at least I will be able to start planning a bit more for next year

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