Friday, 25 July 2014

Raised beds and first signs of green

Three posts in one day, phew this blog stuff is tiring :-)

To keep the costs as low as possible Ive been scrounging up old pallets from the garden centre over the road to break up and then turn in to raised beds for the allotment. Well, thats the plan at least, but its been a hell of a lot more time consuming to get the pallets in a usable state than I expected (and very tiring as well).

Weed control fabric, tarpaulin and various pegs to hold those down did not come for free unfortunately so had to fork out quite a bit of cash on those. My neighbour did chuck in a large, unused sheet of black plastic though so thats helped to cover up some of the ground until I can start dealing with it.

The wife (Kirsty) was able to come down and help out for the first time last weekend (she's usually too busy looking after our 1 year old) and we got the first of the raised beds raked over, weeded and planted. The plan was to do the other two as well but the rain came down quite heavily on us so we abandoned at that point. We do now officially have some plants (non-weeds) growing though and Ive been going every day to water them as its been baking hot all week. We planted some small round carrots, some beetroot and some radishes

The plans for the near future are to build at least four more raised beds and then install them, I have two more built already but an additional four will bring the total up to nine (three rows of three). Ive just ordered some Green Manure so I'll be using that in most of the additional beds so that hopefully they are in a good state for next year's main crops. I have also just picked up a few crappy looking tomatoes and some leeks (not crappy looking) from Homebase so these will be getting planted this weekend. Finally, I'm also going to try and use some of the pallet wood to build myself a temporary tool storage box as I'm getting really bored of carrying loads of tools down with me each time. The long term plan is to put a shed on the plot so dont really care if the tool box rots after a while.

Lots to be getting on with...

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