Friday, 25 July 2014

Some progress clearing the weeds

Many hours of digging and graft later the plot started to look like this

You can see from this picture that Ive used one of the previously mentioned ditches as a natural break in the plot and have decided to concentrate my efforts over the coming weeks/months on just half of the plot and I will then deal with the other half as and when time permits.

Here is a rough plan I drew up of the whole plot that Ive used as the basis of what Im thinking of working on

The part Im working on clearing first is the area noted as "Plot A", the brown line down the middle is the main trench and the area at the back marked with " X X X X"s is a section that for now Im not totally sure what to do with as it does not appear to have been worked before and as such has very heavy weed roots embedded in it. Something else to deal with at a later date.

After a bit more digging the plot started to look like this:

It's another dody panorama shot again Im afraid but I think it gives a good idea of what I was working on. The basic plan was to dig over this whole area ("Plot A") and then cover as much of it as possible with tarpaulin and weed control fabric and just expose the areas Im actually working on at a given time... Oh yeah, and raised beds are definitely in the plan as well to hopefully help to mitigate the winter dampness conundrum...... And I also decided to continue the Tunnel Rat-esque exploits of the previous occupants by digging a trench completely around the perimeter and then finishing off their work of continuing a line of it underneath the fence (top right on the photo above) so that any water can hopefully run off into a more substantial trench/ditch just behind the fence that the council dug to try and help alleviate drainage issues.

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