Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Starting to look a little bit like an allotment

After many hours of slogging away in a very warm garage on friday evening, and then again on an extremely warm driveway on saturday, I finally managed to build a temporary storage box out of the old pallet wood to allow me to leave a few tools down at the allotment.

Im the first to admit that it doesnt really look very impressive, thats because it isnt very impressive, but Im quite pleased with it as I pretty much managed to build it for no financial cost (just blood, sweat and tears....and some more sweat). Due to the fact that a child with a screwdriver could take it apart in about 30 seconds I wont be able to leave anything in it of any value at all but Im not too bothered about that as its just going to be there until I can buy and install a proper shed.

I also managed to get small crop of tomatoes planted out into the middle of the three beds that I have installed so far and then I built and fitted a polythene cold frame to it.

Finally, I stole my Dad's old "dibber" and planted several rows of very small leek plants. Im not totally confident that these are going to do very well as they are a bit small to be going in the ground this late in the year and time was against me so I didnt really get enough of a chance to rake over the soil and pull out all the old weed roots. I will keep a close eye on these though and hopefully something will come from them. You can also see in the picture above that I now have a hose pipe available to me, quite pleased with that as even watering one bed every day with a watering can was beginning to be rather tedious.

And here is another panorma shot of how it is looking after this weekend's work:

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