Friday, 25 July 2014

Welcome to the blog (and plot)

So, this is my new blog and this was my new allotment/plot a few weeks ago just after I first took it over

Apologies for the dodgy panorama shot, I tried stitching a load of photos together and the result isnt brilliant but it does give a bit of an idea. Here are a few more pictures of it that arent stitched together.

When I took over the plot it was about six foot high with nettles and other weeds but after the council found someone to do a pretty shoddy job of strimming those back for me (cost me £5 as well!) it was time to start work.

I took over the plot in June, and at the time of writing this first post it is July, but Ive been strongly warned by numerous people on the allotment site (including the previous owners of the plot) that with it being down at the bottom of the site, and the site being on a gentle slope, that it is hugely prone to flooding in the winter. You can probably make out some of a series of trenches and pits that the previous occupants dug in an attempt to help the drainage and deal with this issue. Unfortunately the job was never finished and has left a pretty horrible array of half-completed ditches that need to be dealt with, I do feel though that the basic premise was probably pretty sound so I think their work will be continued to some extent. Also, its a bit hard to imagine the impending sogginess problems that Im likely to encounter as we are still dealing with a rather pleasant, and slightly un-British, hot spell at the moment.

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