Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Last bit of progress for a few days

I have now completely run out of the wood salvaged from old pallets and the stack of pallets that I had my eye on outside the garden centre were all taken by someone else the day before I was planning to get them. I have however managed to get one more bed built to complete the third row.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Some stuff on order

Ive got a few bits and pieces on order at the moment that should all be arriving soon. First up was going to be a pic of some Maris Peer seed potatoes but since I bought them yesterday the seller on ebay seems to no longer be a registered user so not holding out too much hope of ever seeing those unfortunately. No fresh spuds on Christmas day by the looks of it :-(

How the crops/plants are looking at the beginning of August

It occurred to me that Ive not really shown much recently of how the actual plants in the allotment are coming on so far so here we go...

First up, the beetroot, carrots and radish that I put in several weeks ago:

Some more raised beds and paths

Here is a before and after of last night's efforts adding a new row of beds:

Monday, 4 August 2014

This weekend's progress

I managed to get the current row of beds finished and, with some help from Kirsty, we got several chilli plants in the ground. One of the chillies is a plant that was recently dropped off by Gary, Im not totally sure what variety it is but I will ask Gary when I next see him (and I will of course thank him as well).