Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How the crops/plants are looking at the beginning of August

It occurred to me that Ive not really shown much recently of how the actual plants in the allotment are coming on so far so here we go...

First up, the beetroot, carrots and radish that I put in several weeks ago:

The radish have been pretty massacred by wildlife but the beetroot and carrots are doing okay. The carrots probably need thinning out by now as they were sown very thickly, Ive got some fleece/netting sort of stuff on order so once that arrives Im going to build a cage to go over these to protect them from carrot fly and then I will get on with the thinning.

Some of the leeks have died already and I have a suspicion that they are all a bit too small to really end up producing much at the end but here they are any way:

I cant remember if I mentioned this on a previous post or not but I bought a rather spindly looking and under-developed (bit of a recurring theme with most of the stuff Ive put in due to it being so late in the year when I got the allotment) pumpkin plant a few days ago so here it is:

Ive also planted a couple of rows of spring onions at the end that I will remove if the pumpkin ever gets big enough, Im not convinced it will though so I wanted to make sure that this small bed at the end of the row did get some use.

The chillies, tomatoes and aubergine are all looking pretty good really but I need to hope for a nice sunny August and September I think if there is much chance of getting any crops from them:

Ive also got a row of spring onions down the side of the tomatoes and a row of rocket down the side of the chillies, neither of them have come through yet but hopefully the spring onions will put in an appearance soon as they have been in the ground a bit longer.

Finally, this is one of the beds of green manure (the other hasnt come through yet), looking pretty good so far really and hopefully it will keep the weeds away for a while and provide some nutrients when it gets dug in:

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