Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Last bit of progress for a few days

I have now completely run out of the wood salvaged from old pallets and the stack of pallets that I had my eye on outside the garden centre were all taken by someone else the day before I was planning to get them. I have however managed to get one more bed built to complete the third row.

The other jobs that I managed to do this weekend were to plant some potatoes in containers, hopefully these will be ready for Christmas. I didnt actually plant the ones I ordered last week from ebay as they havent turned up yet, I did manage to find some "Charlotte" seed potatoes in a shop in York on saturday morning though.

The cardboard underneath them is just to try and act as a bit of a cheap weed suppressant, hopefully the strong winds wont have distributed this across the other allotments.

Ive never actually grown potatoes before (I havent really grown much, apart from chillies) so I watched this youtube playlist to see how to do it -> allotmentdiary

This is how the allotment looked after I finished at the weekend:

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