Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Some more raised beds and paths

Here is a before and after of last night's efforts adding a new row of beds:

Unfortunately the ground isnt very level and a lot of the wood Ive used isnt particularly straight so the beds and paths are starting to be a bit wonky now. Im not really too bothered though as Im just trying to get the allotment built as fast as possible for now with as little cost as I can manage, assuming that I do manage to stick it out for the long term I will replace all these beds at a later date with some decent wood and I'll take my time doing it to make sure that everything is as straight and level as possible.

One more bed will be needed to make up this row and then after that I will be out of wood so its time to get some more pallets and spend many hours taking those apart and pulling out nails, not a particularly fun job at all but it needs to be done.

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