Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Some stuff on order

Ive got a few bits and pieces on order at the moment that should all be arriving soon. First up was going to be a pic of some Maris Peer seed potatoes but since I bought them yesterday the seller on ebay seems to no longer be a registered user so not holding out too much hope of ever seeing those unfortunately. No fresh spuds on Christmas day by the looks of it :-(
Another ebay purchase was some Enviromesh to use to cover up my carrots, bit more hopeful that this one might actually arrive at some point.

Ive also placed another order with Suttons, this time for some onion sets and garlic bulbs. I believe the plan with the ones Ive chosen is that they can all be sown at this sort of time of year so that they get established before the winter arrives after which they then go dormant until the weather warms up a bit, hopefully this means they are then ready fairly early next year. The varities Ive chosen are:

And for the garlic I chose Messidrome and Champion White and Purple, they were chosen quite randomly based on whether or not I liked the sound of the descriptions so hopefully they will all be okay

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