Monday, 4 August 2014

This weekend's progress

I managed to get the current row of beds finished and, with some help from Kirsty, we got several chilli plants in the ground. One of the chillies is a plant that was recently dropped off by Gary, Im not totally sure what variety it is but I will ask Gary when I next see him (and I will of course thank him as well).

I also bought a two seater wooden bench at the weekend, which you can see in the picture below.

I have three more bed built that I have already transported down to the allotment so the next big job really will be to start putting those in to place and to build the paths around them. Im actually pretty close now to running out of wood to build anymore beds from so I will probably need to acquire some more pallets pretty soon and start dismantling them.

I also purchased a large tub of Roundup on saturday as the weeds are coming back thick and fast on the half of the plot that Im not currently working on. My current plan is to weed killer the whole of that area and then cover it over with the tarpaulin and deal with it next year. There will be a corner that I will have to do something with this year though so that I can install the metal shed when I get it (cant remember if i already blogged about that one or not but Im getting a shed from my next door neighbour Wayne)

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