Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Allotment Update - 21st August

The wife kindly allowed me to spend a good bit of time down at the allotment this sunday as we are going away on holiday next week so this would be my last chance for a couple of weeks to make much progress.

Im hoping that Suttons Seeds will be delivering my winter garlic and onions at some point very soon so the main job was to get the last few beds ready so that I can pop down one evening after work and stick the bulbs in nice and easily. So here are the beds after they have been filled with compost and all the paths around them sorted

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Allotment Update - 13th/14th August

I managed to get a bit of time in at the allotment this weekend and I had some assistance from my Dad as well so quite a bit of progress was made.

My Dad fitted a wooden framework for me inside the metal shed, this will allow me to build shelves, attach hooks, etc so that things can be stored in there in a more orderly fashion

Whilst my Dad was doing that bit of work I also fitted a solar powered light for inside the shed and got on with a bit of digging that needed doing as well

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Holiday Work - Part 4

The final bit of work I completed recently was to raid my Dad's allotment of a few plants before he gives it up in a few weeks. I managed to salvage some strawberry plants, raspberry canes and a couple of brambles as well

Holiday Work - Part 3 - The First Shed!

For the next part of the work I got done whilst on hols it was time to tackle the shed! In this case "the shed" involved moving a 6 x 4 metal shed from over the bridge in Barlby to my allotment. My nextdoor neighbour Wayne helped out a lot with this task as it was his Mum that I was buying the shed from, he even donated four rather large paving slabs to use as a base

Holiday Work - Part 2

For the second holiday trip to plot I had my Dad in tow with me to assist with fitting another row of raised beds that I had built. I pretty much left my Dad to it really whilst I worked on a few rather more boring jobs such as wheel barrowing compost and other things back and forth from the house.

With this row of beds in place the first half of the plot is almost complete, just one more half size row needed down the edge and my Dad was able to make a start on that as well.

Holiday Work - Part 1

Im writing this series of posts a couple of weeks after the events as I was a bit ill last week so didnt get much done on either the computer or the allotment. Kirsty and I both took a week off work in July and with Mia still heading off to either Nursery or the Grandparents for three days we were able to get on with quite a bit of work on the plot.

First up, digging the main trench so that it connects up to the drainage ditch at the back of the plot so that it will hopefully stop looking like this every time that it rains: