Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Allotment Update - 13th/14th August

I managed to get a bit of time in at the allotment this weekend and I had some assistance from my Dad as well so quite a bit of progress was made.

My Dad fitted a wooden framework for me inside the metal shed, this will allow me to build shelves, attach hooks, etc so that things can be stored in there in a more orderly fashion

Whilst my Dad was doing that bit of work I also fitted a solar powered light for inside the shed and got on with a bit of digging that needed doing as well

The base of the shed is finished now, all the slabs are fixed in with a dry mix of sand and cement so hopefully that should harden up nicely, I havent got any pictures of it finished though as I did that bit in a rush earlier on in the week

This is the area I was digging whilst my Dad was busy with the shed, the purpose behind it is to define the path edge a bit better as it wasnt very clear or straight and also to help shift some soil around to fill in some of the bizarre trench system dug by the previous occupants of the plot

The main achievement for the weekend though was spending about 2-3 hours on Sunday hacking back the over grown hedge by the side of the plot. This was pretty tough work really but Im very pleased with the outcome

I havent got any good pictures of how this looked before I started cutting it back but you can see from the brown area in the picture just above pretty much how far this mess extended out

My first bed of green manure looks like it needs digging in pretty soon as its starting to go to seed, think I will try and get that done one evening this week, but thats proving a bit trickier at the moment due to other commitments on an evening

A very nice lady from one of the allotments further up (I suspect she may well be George's wife but not totally sure) came over to say hello just as I was finishing up cutting back the hedge and very kindly gave me a few spare strawberry plants and a bag full of fruit and veg!

Overall Im really pleased with how things are starting to come along with the allotment as it does really feel like an allotment now. There is still a long way to go, and I intend on adding another shed and patio area very soon, but its progressing very nicely indeed.

....If only I could say the same about this blog, it looks like I am the only person still bothering to read it. Oh well :-)

Plans for the new shed and patio area:


  1. What a lot of work you've put in to your new allotment plot this year, you can see the progress you've made when you read back through the posts, well done. I moved to a new site at the back end of last year but my old plot was similar to yours in that it had a series of trenches dug when we took it on. It flooded quite bad in winter and we eventually laid pipework underneath the ground in to the beck which ran alongside the site. It helped somewhat but didn't totally cure the problem. Our new plot is in much better condition and we've done very well from it this year. I like the raised beds you've installed, it makes the plot look very neat and tidy and I'm sure they'll help with the flooding issue too.

  2. Hi Jo, thanks a lot for the comment, its really nice to know that someone other than myself has actually read some of my blog. Good to hear that your new plot seems to be a lot better, Im hoping the flooding issues at mine wont be too bad now with the work Ive done to try and alleviate the problem but obviously I wont really know until we get some prolonged heavy rain (Im sure its not too far away :-) )