Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Allotment Update - 21st August

The wife kindly allowed me to spend a good bit of time down at the allotment this sunday as we are going away on holiday next week so this would be my last chance for a couple of weeks to make much progress.

Im hoping that Suttons Seeds will be delivering my winter garlic and onions at some point very soon so the main job was to get the last few beds ready so that I can pop down one evening after work and stick the bulbs in nice and easily. So here are the beds after they have been filled with compost and all the paths around them sorted

 I also dug in the very first bed of green manure that I planted as it was starting to go to seed, I suspect some of the other beds will digging in fairly soon as well. Not the most exciting picture in the world but here it is once its been covered over again

I also did some more work on some of the paths around the shed as well, in fact most of my time on sunday was spent sorting out paths really as it was a much more time consuming job than it appeared

The large path at the back of the shed will be where Im going to put a couple of water butts when I get round to sorting them out and fixing up some guttering to catch the rain water.

I didnt do any work on my potatoes this week, not really any need to anymore but thought Id post a picture of their progress anyway

Finally, one of my allotment neighbours, Im assuming it must have been Gary, had kindly left me a present on my bench; a large branch from a chilli plant that was absolutely laden with chillies (from the looks of it some sort of habanero or scotch bonnet)

Percy and George also both gave me some spare produce but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of any of it, I will definitely have to try and return the favour to all my generous neighbours next year though :-)

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