Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Holiday Work - Part 1

Im writing this series of posts a couple of weeks after the events as I was a bit ill last week so didnt get much done on either the computer or the allotment. Kirsty and I both took a week off work in July and with Mia still heading off to either Nursery or the Grandparents for three days we were able to get on with quite a bit of work on the plot.

First up, digging the main trench so that it connects up to the drainage ditch at the back of the plot so that it will hopefully stop looking like this every time that it rains:

After a relatively easy bit of digging (the ground was nice and soft but not too heavy) we managed to get the trench connected to the ditch

Hopefully this will help to prevent the plot from becoming too water-logged, only time will tell though

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