Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Holiday Work - Part 2

For the second holiday trip to plot I had my Dad in tow with me to assist with fitting another row of raised beds that I had built. I pretty much left my Dad to it really whilst I worked on a few rather more boring jobs such as wheel barrowing compost and other things back and forth from the house.

With this row of beds in place the first half of the plot is almost complete, just one more half size row needed down the edge and my Dad was able to make a start on that as well.

Since taking these pics Ive also built one last, fairly long, bed to fill in the final slot. I actually decided to abandon the use of reclaimed pallet wood and buy some cheap deck boards from B&Q to help speed things up a bit. I still havent actually finished off the paths and things for this row yet though so once thats done I'll stick another post up to show the finished article

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