Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Holiday Work - Part 3 - The First Shed!

For the next part of the work I got done whilst on hols it was time to tackle the shed! In this case "the shed" involved moving a 6 x 4 metal shed from over the bridge in Barlby to my allotment. My nextdoor neighbour Wayne helped out a lot with this task as it was his Mum that I was buying the shed from, he even donated four rather large paving slabs to use as a base

Wayne helped with getting everything to the actual plot but then the construction of it was down to me. Building one of these things is a two man job really as it is bit tricky to hold the sides in place whilst attaching them if you doing everything on your own, but I got there in the end.

Although the shed is currently screwed down to the slabs they themselves are not properly fitted yet as i ran out of time and havent had chance, due to illness, to get back and finish the job yet. What I have managed to do since this picture is a build a wooden frame that will be sunk in to the ground slightly to surround the slabs and then Im planning on using Postcrete on each corner to hold this in place. Hopefully this frame will provide enough of a platform to lay the slabs using a dry mix of mortar that will harden nicely over time and keep the whole thing secure.

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