Monday, 13 October 2014

Allotment Update - October 11th/12th

This weekend I decided I really had to get stuck in to getting all the paving slabs down to the plot and finally laying a nice solid base for my main shed to go on in a few weeks.

The first job was to actually get all the 600x600mm slabs wheelbarrowed from my back garden, I managed to get the last of these done on saturday evening and was pretty shattered after 6 trips with the bloody things (Im lead to believe they weigh over 40kgs each!). Here is how the stack of slabs looked on saturday morning, by this point Id also carried down 4 long bits of wood to make a frame to contain the slabs:

It may not look all that impressive but getting this stack in place at the plot was probably the single most tiring bit of work Id done here so far.

This is how the site looked before work commenced:

The next step was to screw the frame together, Id pre built some of it back at the house, and then to dig some holes for the posts:

Yet more wheelbarrowing ensued after this to bring down the following: 6 bags of sand, 2 bags of concrete and 2 bags of postcrete. I was getting very tired by this point and rather bored of the walk to and from my house, I was very keen to get it finished though so I pressed on.

All four corner posts fixed in with postcrete and starting to level the surface with sand:

I wasnt really taking too many pictures by this point, but its not the most exciting thing to photograph anyway. After the picture above I mixed in the cement and the laid and levelled each slab, I wasnt particularly bothered about doing the most amazing job ever as most of this is just going to sit underneath a shed. 

For the final step I brushed some ready mixed mortar that I had kicking around into the gaps between the slabs and the I watered the whole thing to hopefully let the dry mix of mortar that I had made underneath bond to the slabs and then start to harden. This probably isnt the correct way to do something like this but it seems to work for me and I thought that adding in the cement, rather than just simply using sand, should help with the longevity of the whole base and help to make it more rigid (particularly in damp conditions).


  1. Well done to you Graham that must have been damned hard work and tackling it on your own, I take my hat of to you, you are lucky that you can use concrete, on the site I am on it is a total no no, all bases have to be on sand only, or wood on blocks or bricks which can be a right job to get level, and to be able to walk to your plot oh lucky you I have a 15 minute drive to mine good luck with the rest of it...

  2. Thanks very much Eve. Yeah it was a particularly difficult piece of work but once its got a nice shed sitting on top of it then it should all be worth it :-)

    I never actually even thought to check if we are allowed to use concrete or not but I do know of at least one shed already that is sat on some (quite a lot more than mine as they did a better job) so Im sure it must be okay