Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Allotment Update - October 4th

I didnt have much time to spare for this particular allotment session so I opted for tidying up a few of the beds, rather than getting in to any of the more ambitious jobs that currently need doing (of which a rather long list is starting to pile up)

This is the state of the plot at the start of the session

The bed with the leeks in was in desparate need of some weeding, unfortunately my weeding companion Kirsty hasnt been able to spare the time to come down and help for quite a few weeks now

After a spot of weeding, this is what it looked like

I decided it was time to clear out all the tomato plants as they were getting a bit out of control and had never really produced much due to how late I put them in. I also decided to pull up the beetroot and carrots as well so that I could start again with the bed they were in

And after a clearout and a bit of weeding this is what they looked like

I dont think I got time to blog about it just before I went on holiday but my garlic and winter onion sets arrived so I got all of those planted, unfortunately though they seem to have attracted the attention of some local wildlife (I suspect birds) and the onions keep getting pulled up. To try and help with the situation I have placed some netting over the beds and even stolen a couple of my daughter's windmill things to hopefully act as bird scarers

Thats about it for now really, Im hoping to get on over the next week or two with ferrying all my remaining paving slabs down to the plot so that I can start laying the base for the main shed. The 600mm x 600mm paving slabs are bloody heavy though so its slow going wheel barrowing them all the way from the house. I also want to look at building some storage in the metal shed as its kind of been a bit abandoned recently and is already very messy, might see if I can get my Dad to come down and assist with that at some point soon. Id also like to do some work defining the path between myself and the allotment slightly higher up the hill as its never been worked in the time Ive been there and the path has pretty much disappeared, ideally Id like to get that sorted before a new tennant ever takes it over so there are no issues with it. Oh yeah, and the main path at the side of the allotment needs all the dead nettle roots digging out so thats going to be another big job that needs sorting soon.

Lots and lots still to do, watch this space....

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