Thursday, 9 October 2014

Potato Problem - Looking for some advice please

I've never actually grown potatoes so if anyone out there can assist with my current issue then please comment below as it would be much appreciated. Basically, I spotted a bit of a problem last night with a couple of leaves not looking very healthy (it was raining heavily at the time so I didnt stay for long) and when I went back tonight for another look they seem to be in a much worse state. It has been suggested to me that it could be potato blight but I really dont have any idea what the looks like so if anyone can see from the photos below what the problem is, if indeed there is a problem, then please let me.


  1. The bottom picture does look a bit like blight,have other plots on your site been effected by blight? Normally blight is more prevelent in warm humid weather and usually earlier in the year.How much longer have they got to go before you harvest? you could try cutting the tops off,burning them and leaving the tubers in the ground and hope for the best, alternatively you could dig up the crop and just burn any that have rotted off, if you intend to store you will have to check them regularly incase they start to rot. I would recommend a visit to the rhs website, they have lots of info and advice on blight. If it is blight you'll not be able to use the ground there for at least three seasons, best thing to do is dig it through,lime it and grow cabbages on it. I wish you luck I hope it isn't blight, as that can be sole destroying after all the hard work that goes into growing potatoes.

  2. I dont think anyone else on the plot is still growing potatoes at the moment but as far as Im aware nobody anywhere near me suffered from it.

    The idea was to harvest these for Christmas so Im really hoping ot avoid digging them up if possible.

    Should I cut back everything or just the stuff that seems to be infected?

    The plants are just in containers, with fresh compost that was purchased just a matter of months ago so hoping thats not all wasted.

    Thanks so much for bothering to respond, it really is greatly appreciated