Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Allotment Update - November 9th

When I arrived at the plot on sunday morning I was greeted by rather a lot of standing water in the drainage ditches that I have dug over the last few months and more worryingly the main ditch at the bottom of the site was also very full.

I think the digging of the ditches and the use of raised beds has been fairly vindicated in light of the amount of water seen above. Hopefully this will be as bad as the flooding ever gets but Im not very optimistic.

I was also down at the plot the previous weekend but I didnt have the time to take any pictures or blog about any updates as I was too busy building my new shed (with the assistance of my wife and my Dad)

This particular shed will be used as more of a potting/tea shed rather than for tool storage. My main goal for this particular day's work was to get it painted so that it was weather proofed, at some stage soon I also want to come back and brace up the internal supports for the roof as quite frankly the roof of this particular shed is utter crap. Luckily my Dad was on hand again to do a lot of the painting work as the local farmer had delivered me some manure (thanks to Percy, George and Roy for sorting that) but had dropped it off quite a few plots away so I had to shovel and wheel barrow it all to the right place.

And here is the manure in all its glory:

And my Dad working hard on painting:

By the end of the day the shed was fully painted, but it will probably need a second coat at some point soon, and the manure was all shifted so I then started work on tidying up the metal storage shed and this was the end result:

I also found some time to spread some manure over some of the beds and will probably cut down the green manure Im growing at the moment and spread those beds with it as well I think

Here is the shed finished and with a seat in it that Kirsty managed to pickup from a local facebook selling page

Rather a big update this time really as quite a lot has been done in the last couple of weeks. My future plans include, but are most certainly not limited to, the following:
  • Brace the shed roof to support it better
  • Paint the inside of the shed and install a potting table and other shelving and storage
  • Dig over the rest of the plot and start to install more raised beds
  • Buy and plant some apple trees
  • Start planning what Im growing next year and where it will all be going
  • Build patio area in front of the potting shed, including a couple of small raised beds that hopefully Mia (daughter) can play with over the coming years


  1. Hi Graham

    You've got it good in that shed of yours, and the plot is starting to come together very nicely. Would you like to arrange to send some of that surplus water over here where its needed. Have a good one. John

    1. Thanks John, yeah the shed should be pretty nice once Ive got the inside sorted.

      Weve had a lot more rain here overnight and I doubt the previous rain had drained away so Im going to make a very quick trip to the allotment later on today as Im expecting the flooding to be pretty bad