Thursday, 27 November 2014

Allotment Update - November

This is just a mini update really as I havent had a great deal of opportunities to get down to the allotment recently but I did make it down about two weeks ago to plant three apple trees that I picked up from Asda for £5 each

From left to right the trees in the middle picture are: Discovery,  James Grieve and Jonagold. I wasnt really spoilt for choice with what was available but at £5 a tree I couldnt turn them down, all the local garden centres seem to usually be more like £30 per tree.

The trees are planted quite close together as the plan is to put a fence of some kind behind them and grow them in an espalier style. To be perfectly honest I have pretty much no knowledge on how to do this so some frantic googling will probably need to happen next year so that I can learn a bit more about how to do this properly.

I also made it down to the allotment a few days ago to simply have a quick look around and to see how well the drainage trenches have been coping recently. The short answer is that they are coping well so far but they are starting to get very full and the rain still keeps coming

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