Wednesday, 21 January 2015

December/January Update

I have done a few jobs at the allotment over the last few weeks but due to bad weather and time constraints I havent really kept track of them as well as I have done previously and consequently havent posted to this blog in a while.

Here is a quick summary of some of the things I have doing recently:

Back in December I did a couple of small jobs in the shed, the pictures below shows some flooring that I laid and as shelving/storage unit that was kicking around at home that I decided to fix to the wall

And I also chopped down some of the green manure and put it in the compost bins and then covered all the raised beds with actual manure

A few days after Christmas I purchased a large pile of old fencing from someone locally that I intend to use to fence of the new patio area in front of the shed and various other jobs. I dont have any pictures of that, and its not really all that exciting anyway, but its taken a fair bit of time to get it all carried down to the plot and I still need to do a couple more trips before its all finished.

The gales of early-mid January tore some of the roofing felt off the shed so I had to apply a temporary fix to that and will be coming back to do the job properly very soon. My Dad and I did intend on trying to sort it a few days ago but we'd also always planned on adding some extra supports to the underneath of the roof as the limited ones supplied with the shed were utterly pathetic and the entire roof was only held up by four screws.

Again, I havent really got much in the way of photos of any of this but here are some work in progress shots the extra roof supports being fitted (its my Dad in the pic, not me)

Here is a parting shot of the allotment just before I left it on Sunday

Jobs to be done in the coming few weeks include (but are not limited to):

  • Fix roofing felt on shed
  • Transport rest of fencing
  • Remove old plastic and level off uneven ground
  • Plant cherry tree and kiwi plant recently purchased from Wilkos
  • "Chit" my seed potatoes
  • Start sewing various other seeds
  • Acquire a few more paving slabs
  • Start building patio area (various bags of sand and cement will need to be purchased and transported for that one)
  • No doubt loads of other jobs as well but those are the ones I can think of at the moment :-)

Hopefully more regular updates to this blog will resume shortly, thanks for reading :-)